Gorgeous Canadian Politician Rona Ambrose mentioned on facebook that On behalf of the Official Opposition and the Conservative Party of Canada, I signed a book of condolence for the victims of yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

I was horrified by these attacks. We grieve with the families and loved ones of those killed or injured and we extend our deepest condolences and prayers.

An attack like this reinforces our resolve as Canadians to stand up to this scourge and we thank our defense and security forces who work so bravely and tirelessly to keep us safe at home and abroad.

We condemn these attacks, and vow to continue to stand with our allies in Belgium and around the world.

Written by Ankish Kumar
Ankish Kumar is an Indian Entrepreneur, Techie, Internet Marketing Consultant, columnist, dreamer, philosopher and occasional traveler. He is the co-founder and editor of The Ankish Post.